Report on visit to Manipur, India

Published May 22, 2019


                                                                               (International Substance Abuse and Addiction Coalition)

Diary of a Missionary to Asia.  

May 2019


Greetings once again from Malaysia.

When we came to Malaysia we came with the main intent of promoting the role of ISAAC in the region. We also felt that there would be another role, possibly linked, that God would have us step into. It seems that we are finding that role.

Warwick has just returned from a visit to Churachandpur, Manipur, in Nth East India. This is a region that borders on Myanmar and is in fact quite tribal in its character. Warwick had been asked by contacts in Asia CMS if he could speak at a seminar on Substance Abuse, and also address a group of evangelical pastors in the town who were asking what they could do about the growing drug problem in their area.

This situation was very similar to what we found in PNG a few weeks before this trip. A growing drug problem, and the church wanting to know how they could respond. In considering this we realised that although we know many groups working in recovery from drug abuse, very few of them are directly connected to a church. When Warwick asked the group in India how many people knew a church that was directly working into the drug scene not one hand went up even though this town has a very evident problem. This seems to be the role that God is opening up. Challenging, and training the church as to how they can step into this space and be agents for change in the lives of many people. If the drug problem is at the alarming levels that we know it to be right across the world, then why is the church not engaging this problem?



Warwick spoke for a whole day at the seminar, followed by a very positive meeting with the group of pastors the following morning. There is an impetus to act, we now need to see the action in place.

Following these 2 meetings Warwick then moved on to stay at a wonderful drug recovery centre called The Ark, in the same town. He had been there before and was keen to get back and renew the friendships that had been established a few years back. Time spent with the couple running the centre was precious. Thaia and Caroline, and their 3 children live on site and are the perfect couple to run this place. The evident respect the residents have for them tells us this. Having raised our own family in a residential rehab centre in London made for good conversations with this couple about the running of the centre, and raising a family in such a setting.

They were also gracious enough to ask Warwick to do 3 days of teaching with the staff, the residents and other guests who came to participate. The positive response and feedback was encouraging.

The travel home again was something else. Due to a mix up in booking flights Warwick spent 10 hours sitting in the outer area at Kolkatta airport. Not a fun thing to do. Will make changes for next time.

June had felt that she should stay back in KL during this time. She has had a concerning hacking cough for some time and felt the dust etc of India may not be a good thing to try to endure. However she did take up the challenge to get in the car and actually drive to a few places while Warwick was away. She was also able to send time with, and get to know a little better, some of the women from church here. A big shout out to our friends Kenneth and Priscilla and their family who went out of their way to look after June during this time. So good to have thoughtful and committed friends.

Thank you once again for your interest in our work, and also the prayer support that many of you provide. It is all very much appreciated. We hope that these updates help you in understanding something of our work here in Asia.

Warwick & June Murphy.

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