A New Period for ISAAC in Asia

Published November 5, 2018


It has been way too long since we posted anything on our site. However that will now change. In fact many things have now changed. In July this year Warwick & June Murphy moved from their base in Melbourne, Australia to base themselves in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This move will enable them to  be far more available to travel through the region.

We believe that God has given ISAAC Asia a role to play in the region. The work that so many in the region are doing in the recovery ministry is truly amazing and we want to assist you in facilitating change  in the lives of those who come to you for help. Our desire is to help you, and your staff grow in your understanding and knowledge of addictions, counselling and the Biblical principles behind successful recovery ministry.

We can do this through teaching and training for staff, and also to provide any mentoring that you may request. We also make ourselves available meet with your supporters and any other people you think it may be appropriate to meet with to broaden the knowledge of your work in your area.

We are also in the early stages of planning for our next ISAAC Asia Regional conference. We will keep you updated on this as plans progress.

This post is mainly to let you know that we are in the region and keen to work with you as is possible. New posts with comments and information about addictions and other subjects will appear on a weekly basis. There is room for people to comment and we look forward to hearing your views on published articles.

With You in Him

Warwick & June Murphy

Regional Director.

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