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Reflections on the Cambodia Conference

Published November 14, 2013

Well I have been home now for a week. After the conference we managed to spend a couple of days visiting the temples at Angkor Watt. Wow, is pretty much my responses to being there. If you get the opportunity to visit Angkor Watt you should take it. But that is not the purpose of this posting. I always think it is important to give a period of time before reviewing a conference. Time allows the peripheral things to find their place in our thoughts and the things that we found important to come to the surface where we have [...]

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Last Day of Conference

Published November 1, 2013

I had hoped to post a blog each day of the conference but due to intermittent internet connection this has not been possible. Today was the final day of the conference and as in past conferences a time for bringing things to a close. So many things that could be said but would all take up too much space. Yesterday we had a time of worship that was quite amazing. The presence of God in that room was palpable. Today Dr Jean (President of ISAAC International) spoke and then Pax led us into a time of allowing God to minister [...]

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