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Not Another Conference. Why?

Published October 30, 2013

Throughout the Asian region there are numerous small organisations doing amazing work in difficult circumstances. Some of these are working with people with drug or alcohol addictions, seeing them through recovery and onto a better life. Some of them are working with the sex slaves, those who have been sold into this business and are trapped there for many years. Some of them are working with street kids, offering them a better outcome for their future. People have come from Pakistan,Iran, Nepal, Phillippines, China, Australia, US, Europe, Sth America, Russia, Ukraine, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Lebanon, India and of course, Cambodia. [...]

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The conference is the easy part

Published October 24, 2013

The 2nd ISAAC Asia regional conference, this one to be held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, is due to begin in a few days. By the time I get to the conference facility I will feel like taking a long breath and relaxing, rather than engaging in the conference. The organisation to get to Cambodia certainly takes some time. I started by checking through various airline schedules to see if I could arrange the flights myself, which I have done in the past. To cut a long story short this became quite confusing. Most of the airlines travel via their home [...]

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